planning your perfect wedding

Engaged? Congratulations!!

An exciting time, but argh! - where do I start with planning a wedding?

Whether you've got 3 years or 3 months to put it all together, have a look at our list for making it all come together like a piece of (wedding) cake...

The less stress, the better, right?!

*Be organised - Use a notebook, spreadsheet or Pinterest account to keep everything all in one place.

*Make a list of all the items you'll need, then prioritise them 1-3.

1=Cant live without

2=Would love if we can secure/afford

3=Not the end of the world if we can't have

Then do your "can't live without" list first.

*Choose a theme or colour that speaks to you and your other half.

The best weddings reflect your personalities, or have a story or meaning behind them.

*Research your top favourite suppliers if you have any - secure consults and quotes with these people as soon as possible so as to not be disappointed. Check out Less Stuff More Meaning for kickass planet friendly (but GORGEOUS) wedding tips and suppliers.

*Communicate with your soon to be spouse! Make sure you're on the same wavelength for items, budget and style of your wedding.

*Remember you are marrying your sweetheart - whats really important is that the two of you have an amazing day filled with laughter, happiness and loved ones. Choose mindfully - what do we really need? How can we make this day a celebration that we will throughly ENJOY and think fondly of for the rest of our lives?

Happy Planning!


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