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We continue our series featuring talented wedding vendors with incredible values. Created to inspire, intrigue and showcase how truly amazing New Zealand small businesses and their founders are.

Next up is Linda from Wedding Directory My Kiwi Wedding who gives us the low down on what MKW is all about and how her free platform can help you plan your wedding and find the perfect vendors to suit.

What a few months it has been for the New Zealand wedding industry, for both the brides and grooms as well as the wedding vendors. The next 12 months will provide challenges in terms of planning, but in the end, weddings will still take place and couples will still get married. This is why we love the wedding industry and why My Kiwi Wedding was formed. It is a platform to share knowledge and help brides plan their weddings, as well as the opportunity to show case the many talented wedding vendors all over New Zealand who share the same passions as the brides and grooms.

Each year, there are at least 20,000 weddings in New Zealand. For many, it would be their first time planning their weddings, which can be a 12 months process if not more. Aside from buying a house, planning a wedding would certainly be one of the most expensive exercise to date for most. The average wedding in New Zealand is about $30,000, while it is $26,895 for Australia , and around $33,900 USD for America. There are many decisions to be made, which wedding venue to hold the big day, how to choose a wedding photographer, what wedding dress would suit me, what flower theme would go well with the wedding theme. The questions are literally endless as the wedding trend continue to evolves and changes every year.

This is where My Kiwi Wedding comes in. We have been going for about 2 years now, and have quickly grown to be a New Zealand leading online portal for brides to seek help for their wedding planning. Our Wedding Tips and Advice section is extremely popular, with our most popular topics include wedding cost and how to save, as well as our wedding planning guide that helps brides to start mapping out their wedding planning journey to make it more manageable and enjoyable. It is extremely satisfying to know that brides are reaching out to My Kiwi Wedding for insightful and informative  content, with many of our articles ranked in the top page in Google search for relevant keywords. We are quite proud to say that all of our growth has been purely down to our organic effort, without any paid advertisement or marketing. While we have over 50 articles now with lots of wedding tips and inspirations, there are still so much content we want to share. We have also begun to work with wedding vendors, such as One Poppy, to share the expertise and skills and first-hand knowledge to the kiwi brides. We don’t pretend that we know everything when it comes to wedding planning. With so many vendors who share similar passion, it is natural for the collocation to benefit everyone involved.

Speaking of wedding vendors, we have over 730 vendors as part of our wedding vendors directory, something that is increasing weekly. Once again, it is great to know that with the growing reputation and online presence of My Kiwi Wedding, our vendors are finding us organically. Our aim is certainly to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, online wedding directory of active wedding vendors in New Zealand. We don’t discriminate vendors against experience, look, size of business, prices charge. At the end of the day, brides all have different needs and budget constraints. Our hope is to help show case the talents and skills and help available for the kiwi brides to search and choose and make well informed decisions.

The next 12-24 months will certainly provide difficulties and challenges to brides and vendors, but the passion and desire to celebrate love will never end. At My Kiwi Wedding, we are certainly excited to be part of the journey of the 20,000 brides every year. We have many plans and ideas to grow and be better for the brides and wedding vendors so certainly do watch this space. If you need wedding inspirations and some tips, head over and find out for yourself. In the mean time, have fun stay safe. Please do remember that wedding planning is a journey, so make sure every part of the day is fun and enjoyable. This way, you know you will definitely have a blast on your wedding day.

Thanks so much Linda.

If you'd like to see planning tips, their vendor directory and more, contact My Kiwi Wedding:

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