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On 22 October 2021, the Government outlined the new COVID-19 Protection Framework that will be used to manage COVID-19 in the community.

We are still working through what that means for upcoming weddings, and what our requirements are at each of the new levels, and the rules are changing a lot as the situation evolves.


We are pleased that this new approach will allow us the opportunity to hold weddings in some form at every level (yay!), but there will be different requirements depending on whether or not vaccination certificates are being used. We believe that this will be up to the venue you are holding your wedding at to decide whether or not they are using vaccination certificates. Here's a handy diagram to show what the Traffic Light System means for guest numbers and travel restrictions.

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What is One Poppy doing to stay safe?

We are fully vaccinated, and will follow the guidelines of your venue, with mask wearing, scanning, and regular handwashing and hygiene measures in place. 

Flower availability at the different levels

Our suppliers are still working through the details of what the new traffic light system means, but we believe we can still operate and secure flowers in Auckland at all of the new levels. However, floral and foliage choices may be limited. Flower growers have been hit hard by the recent lockdowns, and flower supply may be disrupted for a while. Luckily, we work with amazing suppliers who help us to find the best options for you. Our suppliers are indicating that flower supply is likely to be limited for a while, so it’s best to be flexible about your flower choice while we ride this wave.

If you have your 2021 wedding booked with us and you have any concerns, please contact Lorna. We are staying positive and are rolling with the punches, but you will need to be prepared to be flexible with alert level changes and bloom availability. We will keep you updated if any changes need to be made to your wedding flowers.

If you're planning your wedding, we are still preparing proposals and taking bookings. Weekends for Summer 2021/2022 are filling up fast so first check my date.

Any questions at all around pre-booked weddings or future bookings just ask x


See below for the latest guidelines on weddings according to the NZ government.

for the new COVID-19 Protection Framework guidelines click here


Updated October 2021

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