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sustainable floristry

The oxford dictionary states that sustainability means:

"Conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources."

In the floristry world, those natural resources and the environment are depleted by over-harvesting, demand creating "fast floristry" (like fast fashion), use of toxic substances and waste.

"We may be perceived as clean and green by the rest of the world, but we have significant problems in NZ. Around 2.5 million tonnes of waste is still going to landfills each year."*

Scary isn't it.

We ask questions about where our food comes from, trying to eat seasonally and sustainably while supporting local and little. It's no different with flowers, which is why we make the effort to support local growers, forage, encourage seasonal choices and we always compost our prep waste.

For suppliers who are still working on reducing single use plastic, we recycle and return the packaging to them to use again.


Choose to have your blooms sourced by local growers or foraged (i.e.; no carbon miles or preservatives used like with imported flowers) and try to choose blooms that are in season.

Reconsider using floral foam - this is a man-made product full of toxins and also does not break down. Anything that does not contribute to landfill is a good option!

Single use plastic is the number one baddie - try to steer clear of any disposable plastic items such as plastic favour bags, confetti or bottled water.


We encourage people to repurpose those event flowers and give them a second (or third!) life - gift to guests, your local church, rest-home or random - think about how you can make your flowers (and your money!) go that extra mile.

Consider how your flowers are dealt with afterwards too - if you are not preserving them as keepsakes, remove anything non biodegradable (pins, ribbon, foam), and COMPOST them. One less thing for landfill.

We have a long way to go as a business and as an industry - use your voice and help to make a change.

For more information on NZ's current waste problem - click here (warning - its disturbing...)

Less miles, less preservatives, less stress on resources and the environment.

Support sustainable floristry and bloom seasonally!


One Poppy

*quote from - recycling week 6-12 November 2017

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