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5 eco wedding tips

eco wedding tips

Want a beautiful wedding without impacting the planet?

You're not alone. Join the ever increasing amount of people who are making mindful choices about their wedding day.

Read on for our top 5 Tips....

Top Tip #1

Do your research

Ask lots of questions of your suppliers! How sustainable is your product and company? Is it made in NZ?

The Less Stuff More Meaning website is a brilliant go-to for advice and their Eco -directory has a list of suppliers on the same wave length as you - all in one place.

Top Tip #2

Use local whenever possible

The less carbon miles the better. Ask your florist to use local growers and suppliers - flowers flown in from overseas not only hurt our kiwi growers, but use excessive packaging and are filled with gases and preservatives to help them last the trip.

Top Tip #3

Minimise waste

Try to avoid items that will go straight to landfill after your big day - single use plastic, floral foam, or anything disposable that cannot be recycled or repurposed.

Top Tip #4

Go natural and biodegradable

Think about using dried petals or leaves as confetti and large leaves for place settings.

How about using seedlings or seed paper as favours?

Avoid glitter and artificial confetti - these products are not biodegradable and are damaging to the environment.

Top Tip #5


Gift your blooms to friends, family, your local rest home or church, preserve them or dry the petals to turn into gorgeous dried botanicals!

Recycle invitations (collect, turn to blank side and clip together to make a pretty cool jotter!)

Compost any food or green waste from floral decorations.

It takes a special kind of person to have this in mind while planning any event - thank you SO much for reading this and for even considering having an eco wedding.

Congratulations and Happy Planning!

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