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charming forest chapel

Waterfall Farm is a beautiful wilderness wedding venue situated in our neck of the woods, in Kaukapakapa North Auckland.

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen - one half of Waterfall Farm last month on this site visit.

(I'd stumbled across it on Backyard Weddings while searching eco-friendly wedding venues in my area.)

Just on Kaipara Coast Highway, about a 10 minute drive from Kaukapakapa Village, is a lush green field and a photographers dream background - the old rustic shed.

Karen showed me the way and ducked under weeping willow branches to enter into the forest chapel. This place just made me smile. Its the kind of venue you'd expect a wedstival to take place, and that is exactly what Karen and Gary are promoting.

You have your ceremony under the beautiful hanging willow branches, amongst New Zealand bush and trees with a small waterfall and creek to one side.

It all takes place beneath the most glorious hand-made arch of branches and your guests sit on pews made from local timber cut and sawn into pews. Even in the "off" season, it was the cutest most twee place with a wholesome, feel-good atmosphere.

Karen says the rustic log benches seat up to 70, and I can imagine everybody stays pretty comfortable throughout the ceremony (even in the hottest summer months) under the protection of those willows and oaks.

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Karen and Gary then have a large marquee set up on site, complete with wooden dance floor and hanging lights, where your chosen caterer, caravan bar, planet-friendly decorations and musicians set the scene for the reception.

In an age where people are becoming more aware of our impact on the planet and realising that its the relationships, memories and nature that actually make you glow ("the thing that makes you happy is less things" so they say), its seems fitting that there is now a venue available where less is more and the event takes on a more eco-friendly, natural festival vibe.

One important condition of hiring this venue is that you agree to responsibly sort and dispose of recycling and waste (if any) into the separate bins provided at the end of the night.

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To really continue that festival vibe, there are seven glamping tents which are included with the hire to accomodate the special couple and their VIP guests. You can dance the night away and then crash in your comfortable accomodation just a few metres away.

What an awesome experience getting married there must be.

To contact Karen and Gary at Waterfall Farm or organise a site visit, go to their website contact page, or call Gary on +64 027 548 6043

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