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Meet the maker - Anna from Blush Photography

Anna and I connected over long blacks in Helensville some months back (in the same cafe where I'd first seen her incredible shots up on the wall ). The South Head resident with a gorgeous presence (and an accent I could listen to all day) struck me straight away as my kind of person, and that first meet has lead to many styled shoot musings, site visits and funny emails :)

Charitable to boot - a couple of weeks ago Anna also got some families together for a family mini shoot to fundraise for Turning The Tide - a local charity for women’s refuge and raising awareness of family violence.

The inevitable question!! But I love to know - how did you get into wedding photography?

I finished my diploma in photography just before me and my family moved to Fiji for a year, and there I would watch all these beautiful weddings just about every week. So it just came naturally for me when I returned to NZ to get into weddings. It is such a special day to be part of and I have loved every wedding I have had the pleasure to photograph!

Can we make photography fit in with a more sustainable eco wedding?

I think that in today’s world it is actually quite easy to be eco friendly in all aspects of weddings, from buying pre-loved dresses to using organic make up and printing invites on eco friendly paper etc. And photography is no different. You can use eco friendly photo paper to print your photos and albums on. And as a photographer, there is nothing nicer than to pick out those quaint little places for the bridal party shoot on the wedding day, and by leaving things as you found them, taking your rubbish with you, and be mindful of any animals that might be around, you are also making sure you are kind to the environment.

Is there one wedding that would stand out as the most memorable?

Oh, there are so many! Each wedding is equally as unique, but if I could pick out a couple, it would be one of the first weddings I ever photographed, where I they got married on a remote little beach in Coromandel with just their parents and their dog as wedding guests! It was so simple and beautiful! And another one recently, where I got to arrive with the bride to the ceremony on a luxury launch! Two very different weddings but both so amazing!

What do you love the most about your job?

Being surrounded by all that love that is floating around on a wedding day haha! Everyone is so happy and the best thing is to see the emotions of the beautiful couples when they are saying their “I do’s”. And the dance floor!

Your accent is beautiful and hard to pick! Where are you from originally?

Thank you! I grew up in Sweden and went travelling to Israel when I was 19. From there I went to London and used that as my base for my travels. I think that over the years I picked up accents from all over, but having spent so much time in England before arriving in New Zealand, lead me to have more of an English accent. Probably still infused with Swedish!

What would you suggest we look for in a wedding photographer?

First and foremost you will have to love the style of the photographer. Do you like moody images, colourful, styled, candid? There are so many different photographers out there so it is important to find a good match for you. You will want to be able to look back at your images in years to come and still love them as much as you did when you first saw them. And as you are with them for most part of your day, it’s always a good thing to meet with them before you book.

For those of us who feel anxious in front of the lens (ahh me...) - any tips??

Relax! Try to be yourself, focus on your new husband/wife, take in the atmosphere on the day and try to forget about the camera. Easier said than done, but you get used to it after a little while. And often, once the ceremony is over, most couples relax and feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera.

Do you like being in front of the lens yourself?

No! Haha! I am one of those people that don’t like being in front of the camera. I don’t even like selfies! But in saying that, we had a family photo session a couple of years ago, and as uncomfortable as it was to start with, we got into it quite quickly. Even my husband! And we absolutely love those images!

Do you have a favourite time of year or time of day for taking photographs?

I do love winter for the light. That’s why I love winter weddings so much. The sunset comes earlier, mostly just a little while after the ceremony and the light is not as harsh. Other than that, the only time I really try to avoid is the middle of the day, as you can often find shade and good light at other times of the day too.

We all have that plan B for an outdoor event just in case.. any rainy day advice?

Most photographers will do a location scout before the day to find a good spot sheltered from the rain. But I will always carry clear umbrellas just in case and most couples are happy to get a little bit wet should it come to it. After all, photos in the rain are amazing!

Plans for Blush this year?

I have decided to do fewer weddings next season and focus a little bit more on family portraits, as I want to have more weekends with my family. But in saying that, I’ll probably miss them too much so I might have to try it for a season and see how I go!

Cant wait to see whats next for Anna and Blush - and watch this space for the collaborative styled shoot with Anna, One Poppy and many talented eco ethical wedding vendors.

How you can connect with Anna at Blush Photography:

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