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Meet the maker - Church Confetti

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Blush Photography Mataia Homestead

Ruth Church (or Ruthy) is a passionate, inspiring person I was lucky enough to meet through a styled shoot we did together in 2018. My focus on that particular shoot was sustainability and whether I could fit out an entire wedding with vendors trying to make a difference.

Ruthy's freeze dried petals and handmade stationery were such a perfect fit and I remember being blown away by the intensity of colour in the petals and the craftsmanship of the stationery.

For our styled shoot this year at the Hopetoun Alpha, when I was brainstorming ideas for the bottom of the installation I immediately thought of Church Confetti.

If you need an eco friendly substitute for confetti (that won't mark the floor!) or stationery that actually can be planted and grow after your wedding - she's your gal.

Ruthy was kind enough to write us a wee guest piece for our blog on how she got into this rosy business.

Bianca Hawk | Styling Florals Ones Poppy | Petals Church Confetti

My children often describe me as a bit of Hippie. Do I have the traits of 'Hippie' you may wonder?

Well, I know I am crazy in love with my animals, feel my best in nature and will never turn away from defending a cause that is close to my heart. So you be the judge.

In all cases, however, true peace for me comes in the form of a stroll in my garden and a cuppa in my hand. In fact, this is where Church Confetti came to life, nearly 10 years ago!

Inspired by these strolls in my own garden, I wanted to supply a natural solution to Confetti. I also wanted this themed around roses. One of the most beautiful flowers and my personal favorite.

Church Confetti Hydrangea Petals

With the magic of freeze-drying our petals, we can capture their unspoiled beauty for many months, avoiding all the last minute prep associated with fresh flowers. Not limited by seasonality, our colours and floral variety are available all year round. Our focus on sustainability really helped us find our niche in the industry and we believe this is a testament in our commitment to offering only eco-products of the highest quality.

Blush Photography | Styling Florals One Poppy | Stationery Church Confetti

2020 will mark 10 years in bloom for Church Confetti. We see this as the perfect time to reflect and remind ourselves why we do what we do:

'Working with insanely beautiful products, amazing industry professionals and providing a surpassed customer experience'.

Safe to say, we like reminiscing...

Love Ruthy

Instagram @churchconfetti

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